Empowered Through Weakness

I was just not feeling it today. Do you ever wake up like that or get to that point during the day? I was feeling that way a bit ago, and the Lord was good in getting me out of this mindset and taking me someplace better.

I’ve not slept much this week. I’ve been thinking about areas of my Christian walk that need improving. I always kind of do though, but sometimes more than others. There are the sin struggles I’m always aware of, then there are the hidden things that take me by surprise. Some of those came out this week.

Today started with an unusual amount of work to do and with little rest and much conviction working in my heart. I just was not feeling it at all. Then the Lord helped me to realize what a blessing this is. I’m being pushed beyond my limits this week. That is a good thing, and I look back over points in my life when I was pushed beyond my limits and collapsed. I’m still going, and with more patience than I would have had even a few weeks ago. The Lord is working! This is a good day after-all!

We are told to seek the Lord diligently. The Lord has blessed me with an unwillingness to sit in stagnant growth, and at times this makes life hard. I prayed a few years ago to be put through “spiritual boot camp.” I want my backside in shape! I know there is much farther I need to go, but today I’m just thankful. I’m thankful to be put in positions where my strength will not be enough. I’m thankful to be put in positions where I have to put my trust in the Lord and not others. I’m thankful to learn things the hard way sometimes too.

I’m also thankful that all of this is in God’s hands. It’s so easy to pray, “Lord, help me.” You know what, if we believe in Jesus he is always helping us! Even if we don’t believe, God is acting mercifully towards us all. Could we decide to be born? Can we make our automatic body systems work? Even when we feel like we are barley getting through life, it is God doing it! How much more when we are given a heart that seeks the Lord earnestly? It is good to be a Christian. It is good to go through struggles. It is good to realize that Jesus is working in our lives. It is good when our weaknesses cause us to realize just how in control Jesus is. When we really get that, our weakness is empowering!

Well, I have things to get back to. I love this. Feeling overwhelmed and just having that peace and pausing to give thanks. This is relatively new for me, so I’m so glad to share this with others. I hope you will be encouraged and know that we might not always have this mindset. Hard times rarely feel like times to rejoice, but Jesus will get us there! It’s almost scary to think of what might be coming next! Sobering thought.

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6 comments on “Empowered Through Weakness
  1. truefaith101 says:

    LOVE this post! It is an ON TIME post for me and it’s right where I am right now currently in my walk. I have had quite a pity party lately. It’s so easy to get into that mindset though.
    I am so grateful for JESUS. I am so thankful that GOD NEVER gave up on me and I know that HE never will.
    I am very thankful for my family and my church family too. I am
    Thankful for you

    Thank you for your encouragement 😊

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    • Amanda says:

      Thank you! It’s encouraging for me to have a positive affect on people. I appreciate your comment! Jesus is always right on time! Taking negative thoughts captive isn’t easy, and I’m not perfect in it. I’m just learning this myself! Thankful for God’s perfect timing and mercy, and for your kindness too.

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  2. Thanking God for His wisdom to slow us down and prune us so that we become more like Jesus. I have really tried to accept the “old is gone, the new has come” verses in the Bible as literal and not figurative this summer. Pretty sure that doesn’t happen without struggle.

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    • Amanda says:

      I’m so glad to hear the Holy Spirit is opening the meaning of scripture to you. It always amazes me how people spend years in the Bible and miss the greatest points, or worse yet, fail to teach them to their church congregants. It can be a struggle, but from my experience in this struggle, I can say it gets better! Maybe it gets better, hard again, then better again. Anyhow, much to look forward to for you and me too! I’m thankful for your comments, and you’re in my prayers!

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