Empowered Through Service

As Christian wife’s and mothers, it’s so easy to start complaining about life or all of the things we have to get done. Maybe we find our life mundane. Maybe too challenging. Maybe we feel as if an unfair workload is given to us while others have it easy. When these thoughts come, we can redirect our thoughts towards a mindset of service to the Lord.

From changing diapers in the middle of the night to washing dirty dishes all the way to raising children up to be upright people, all tasks we are given are important. If we can look at every job, big and small, as something we are doing as service to the Lord, what effect might that have on our perspective?

For one, we might feel a little intimidated. If we respect the Lord, we will want to do a good job and we might start beating ourselves up because we don’t think we are doing good enough. If that’s the case, we can remember a few things:

With God, all things are possible. We might not have the strength or wisdom to be the parent or wife we want to be, but the Lord will help us. If we embrace our work at home as service to the Lord, then we know that Jesus will give us all things necessary to succeed.

The Lord knows our frame and God is gracious. We will make mistakes and we will have moments when we doubt our ability, but we should try to have faith in Jesus. If we believe in Him, that means that God is favorable towards us. If God is favorable towards us, then He is also merciful towards our shortcomings, forgiving when we repent, good to show us a better way, and faithful to provide us with the strength to follow through with our convictions.

Be Encouraged in Service to the Lord

Instead of feeling intimidated or otherwise discouraged by our service, we can seek Jesus to help us cultivate a better mindset. We can feel encouraged in knowing that our work has a purpose, no matter how insignificant those little daily details seem to us. We serve a God that has our every hair numbered. He sees those small things you do that no one else sees, and He is pleased when we do well.

As mentioned above, we also find encouragement in the favor (grace) of God that will forgive our mistakes and give us the power to do better and better. We can also trust the Lord and know that all things are working out for our good and we can expect that good to flow over and affect our loved ones in a positive way. Our work will be effective in bringing happiness, peace, love, and righteousness to our home if we entrust the Lord to direct us.

Remember What We Are Being Prepared For

As Christians, we are being raised up into sons of God (in heaven there is neither male nor female. We are all called sons). In the kingdom of heaven, we will be serving the Lord, and that service is a reward. It is an honor to serve Jesus. Would we rather that honor be given to another? We shouldn’t.

It is the same now. All things we do are preparing us for sonship an service. If we want to be useful in the kingdom to come, we should embrace challenges now that make us stronger. Would we rather the service we are given now–the very same service that is preparing us for eternity–was given to another? We shouldn’t. So why complain about it? Embrace it and be thankful…or try to be.

Take captive negative thoughts. Remember what’s really going on here. The truth of the situation is this: We are serving the Lord of all the earth in every little thing we do. All things matter and God is pleased when we do well. Jesus forgives our mistakes and the Holy Spirit teaches us and strengthens us so we are better equipped for our service. Our service prepares us for eternity, and we want to be faithful.

We want to be called “good and faithful servants.” We should strive to be good and faithful as Christian wives and mothers, and that means being thankful for the service we are given, doing all things as if we are serving Jesus, and finding encouragement and strength in God’s favor towards us.

God is good, and the service we often complain about or take for granted is an honor. Praise the Lord and keep at it!

Relevant Scripture:

Colossians 3:23 – And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.

Hebrews 2:10 – For it became him, for whom are all things, and by whom are all things, in bringing many sons unto glory, to make the captain of their salvation perfect through sufferings.

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