Embers of truth set fire from within.

An unquenchable spark created by everlasting flame.

Devouring darkness, I harbor no more.

The embers of my heart kindled, they do thirst.

From where shall they find sustenance?

From those whose heart burns after dark fire?

Beware the impostors, for their raging flames reach high.

Casting shadows on our single flame.

Oh magnificent flame, simple and pure.

A perfect promise.

May you draw to you the light of the Earth.

That we may prepare a way for your coming.

From mere embers to roaring inferno we go.

They cannot escape the consequence of their deeds.

For they loved the darkness;

And rejoiced in perceiving our flame gone out.

But who can quench everlasting fire?

Not they, nor shall any ever after.

For eternity is ours, a life forever in the light.

Darkness cast out forever.

Their mighty flame of abomination extinguished.

Arise single flame so pure.

Your time is at hand.

Parables Mistaught

My word read with blind eyes;

Spoken with lying lips.

Little doves, may you be guarded.

For the ravens flock and would have overtaken you.

My words of warning against them;

They’ve twisted until the meaning is lost.

From small seed they have multiplied.

Their crooked branches reaching high.

There they perch, puffed up and proud;

Smothering my word with their traditions.

Fly out of their branches, their tree of death.

I know your need for shelter, for safety.

Abide not with them and gather to me.

My way is simple, true, and life.

Did I not warn you?

Beware the leaven of the Pharisees!

They know of your hunger, and feed you they will.

Growing rich and fat off their merchandise.

Eat of her loaves no more.

May they turn to bitterness in your mouth.

Mimicking and mocking my bread of life.

Turn away from their feast of abomination.

I know your need for sustenance, for guidance.

Fill yourself full of my word.

My way is simple, true, and life.

Their tree shall be devoured by flame.

Their loaves consumed by worms.

All their creations utterly abolished.

Though they deceive many, I keep you in truth.

And you, my children,

Will no longer hunger or fear.

In light you will dwell.

I will show you all things.

Until your time comes, a promise I give:

My way is simple, true, and life.

The Comforter

The depth of my gratitude for this precious gift,

I cannot fully express.

Amidst my time of sorrow and isolation,

You brought me out of the darkness of despair.

In the light of your truth I now dwell.

Fortified, new, and emboldened.

A companion forever of the most pure;

What need have I for more?

Only to share your glory in hope,

That others may also be comforted.

True vine, may your branch in me grow.

Inspiring newness.

A testament of your glorious promise.

Because you took away my darkness,

Revealing it in truth and purging my vine.

Unable to contain my joy, your light in me burns.

Without words enough I praise you.

In Spirit you give me true voice;

All I need and even more.

A strong love for my people;

I prosecute you no more.

Only the darkness do I warn you of,

In hope that you will draw to the light,

And be comforted.

Those Who Kill With The Sword

Those who lead into captivity must go into captivity.

Those who kill by the sword must be killed by the sword.

The Lord is our bondage; Him we do serve.

In this we are truly free.

Against darkness we labor.

Armored with righteousness, shielded by faith,

The Word of God in truth is our sword.

Hear our battle cry;

The Kingdom of God draws near!

The red one eyes my crowned woman,

and all who follow strongly her good news and light.

Mistake not our given power of defense;

Confuse not with the persecutor.

The blind cannot tell darkness from light.

The deaf cannot hear the warning.


Stand strong and faithful, I am come unto you.

Your enemy draws near, watching.

The great red lion walks among you;

From my hand he came.

Watch, and be ready.

Among you are my beloved;

For your purpose you will be called.

In this I keep you; never fear.

Many will hear your voice and be comforted.

Many will despise your truth.

Many will see my light shine in you.

Many will only see darkness.

Many will lay life down for your cause.

Many will put you to death.

Know that I am with you always; unto the end.

My true candlesticks;

May you soon go forth.

In that time, you’re Armour I’ll give.

For now, be strengthened.


Call to you the light of the earth;

My army of righteousness.

For the time will soon come,

When all shall call me Lord.

Free Me, Lord

I grow tired of striving in vain;

Failing every day.

Bound by tight bonds and heavy chains;

With agony I crawl towards your light.

Begging for a promise fulfilled.

Is what I seemed to have,

Taken from me?

Forsake me not;

I cannot bear it.

Through hot, blinding tears

I most humbly come.

Lift from my eyes confusion.

Remove from my heart fear, doubt,

Anger that leads to sin.

Open my ears to your voice only,

So that I might be deaf to wicked falsities,

Dragging me back down, into darkness.

Show me this is for a purpose;

This darkness taking over once more.

Show my faith not in vain;

What I had to be with me still.

Show me your patience, your promise,

For remission from sin.

Show me that I am yours;

So I can serve you with boldness.


Eye of old, wanton and corrupt;

Paint the eyes of my people with abominations.

Lies and heresy abound in decadence;

Making my sacrifice for naught.

Come out of her my people!

This land will be consumed with fire.

Even so, among you are few;

Who as like your forefathers,

Will lead you away from this filthy rag.

First by split sea, earth, and plague;

And now by the Spirit of Truth,

Split apart the wicked from the just.

The first chosen, so as the last;

The beginning, so as the ending.

Whoa to those whose eyes follow the idol eye;

Beckoning to them with her seduction.

For the eye of the Lord is upon you.

He sees the suppression of His people.

They starve for Him, and find Him not.

Suffocated by the pillows you have sewn.

Deceived with the wings of death.

Be not fearful my children.

Have I not promised deliverance?

Have I not kept my word throughout the generations?

You are mine and mine with me.

Be of good cheer.

I come in due time.

Fear Conquered

I praise you, my Lord!

You are strong and merciful.

Your glory shown through my weakness.

You are my strength. My rock that will not be moved.

I thank you, Lord Jesus.

For giving me into Fear.

Because you raised me up, and conquered my strong enemy.

I wear the blood of Fear on my armor!

Come at me, my enemies!

You will not conquer my God!

I am bold as a lion, my Lord is my strength and my shield.

His truth a sharp sword.

He is faithful, He will not leave me in darkness.

I am your servant, Lord Jesus.

You bore my ear and wrote me in your palm.

No enemy will take me from my Father’s mighty hand!

As a Bride

The love you have given me, let it go out into the world.

My longing however, let it be only for you.

Where are you? I look to the hills.

Searching. Peering through dimness.

The darkness encompasses me. Where have you gone?

Then a spark. An ember of hope.

Could it be you, down there? Alone in the dark.

However, you are not alone. It is you, my beloved.

Among the briers. Piercing your flesh as you free the captives.

A perfect rose among hooked thorns.

Loose the binds. Open the eyes.

To the blossoms, you are a most welcome light.

To the thorns, you are the flames of death.

To me, you are everything.

The stench of your myrrh is sweet perfume.

Your frankincense, an alluring promise.

My head, my heart, bound by golden truth.

Encircled with your love. A shield against the foe.

Snow on the ground, I dredge back,

To my place of waiting. The season is not yet.

How I rejoice at the coming Spring!

The lamps needs filling. The wicks needs trimming.

I labor until your return. My yearning for you,

Is as sweet as honey, and as bitter as unripe fig.

Peace, Joy, and Life Everlasting

Why do I look to the sky, bow my head to the ground,

Or look to Man, as if I’ll find you there?

You dwell within me. Your Spirit, a spring of living water,

A burning liquid flame in my veins.

Turn my gaze within, towards the never-ending source of life,

Driving away the darkness in my soul.

Flow abundantly, Lord. Fill me increasingly full.

Love without condition. Mercy without prejudice.

Forgiveness without limitation. Faith without wavering.

In these I will find peace, joy, and life everlasting.

Let your goodness spring forth from me, so this world can know.

Your glory. Your life. Your reality.

Let those who profess your name in pretense,

Showing love with condition. Mercy with prejudice.

Forgiveness with limitation. Faith overcome by fear –

Worshiping, they no not what.

If there be anything pure, anything good, anything selfless in them,

Let them see, so they too might be filled.

As for the rest, your judgment is just. Your ways beyond all understanding.

In you alone will we find life, light, and peace.

When your time comes and your power shown in all the earth, then will they see?

They will curse you, look to Man, to the earth, to the prince of the world –

Worshiping, they no not what.

For those who stand true, holding fast to your name alone,

If there be anything pure, anything good, anything selfless in them,

Show them love without condition. Mercy without prejudice.

Forgiveness without limitation. Comfort despite fear.

So they may find peace, joy, and life everlasting.

The Pretentious Bride

You are ever faithful, and I to you.

I find you simple, plain, and unable to satisfy me.

I will find another. Someone more exiting and new.

I will bring him to our marriage bed.

Does this not please you, my one true groom?

Your sweat and tears I admire. You’ve labored hard for me.

I will sit back and watch you work yourself to the bone.

I will pretend your tears and blood are not dripping before my eyes.

I will rest and enjoy the fruit of your labors.

Does this not please you, my sacrificial groom?

Your words are sweet and your ways are just.

I will do that which is pleasing to me, ignoring all inconvenience.

I will go seek the council of your enemy and heed their advice.

I will twist your words and use them as I choose.

Does this not please you, my wise groom?

I honor and respect you and with my words I praise your name.

When the mockers come, I will remain silent.

I might even join them as they slander you behind your back.

I will disgrace your name and bring you shame.

Does this not please you, my honorable groom?

I adore everything about you and my heart is yours.

I can’t be bothered to get to know you.

I will not ponder the depths of your soul and seek after you.

I will say that I love you, but I am far from you.

Does this not please you, my devoted groom?

How Far?

How far backward have we stumbled? How far have we fallen?

Fine actors, witty wordsmiths, deep pockets, and puffed up chests

Head your congregations of dull-eared people quick to be tickled.

Giggling gossips, high-heeled heiresses, conflict-sewing countesses,

Assault the meek and bury the downtrodden beneath hypocrisies.

How far backward have we stumbled? How far have we fallen?

Pass the plate. Give the tithe. Ignore the hungry and fatherless. Despise the needy.

Cue the Lights! Music! Theatrical displays of worship in flesh and lie.

Pillow-sewing pastors, mind-altering ministers, tradition-filled theologians,

Fill starving children with worm-eaten bread and watered wine.

How far backward have we stumbled? How far have we fallen?

Come, join us for fellowship. Be filled with half-truths then go on your way.

Football! Pot-Luck Dinners! Isn’t it great to gather in the house of the Lord?

Demeaning deacons, pew-numbed princesses, sin-filled song leaders,

Scoff at those who worship everyday alike, rebuking your flesh-filled gatherings.

How far backward have we stumbled? How far have we fallen?

Woe are we! Why does the world persecute us? Why do they hate us so?

God hates fags! Accept Jesus or burn in Hell! God loves you, but…

Hateful hearts, lying lips, self-righteous sinners

Come under judgment and still do not see the problem is within.

How far backward have we stumbled? How far have we fallen?

I’ll fly away, oh glory, I’ll fly away! Have you not heard…

I am against your pillows, wherewith ye there hunt the souls to make them fly.”

Entitled elders, lying tradition leaders, cowardly concubines,

Take comfort in false escapes, ignoring the call of the righteous to repentance.

How vast is your mercy? How sure are your promises?

Lord, redeem your children who seek you among the perversion.

Feed the starving with your word and fill them with your Spirit.

Pure-praising priests, kind-hearted kings, chastened children,

Made strong in Christ. The only truth. The only way. The only life.

Sensitive Seeds and Fragile Fruit

Scattered on hardened hearts, even my heart of stone;

Your Word prevails but for a moment, then is snatched, choked, and withered.

Create in me a new heart, Lord;

A heart with depth of earth, fertile, and watered.

The fruit that remains is fragile; I know you will preserve it.

For your name’s sake, prune away all unrighteousness.

Remember your promise. Your words are true.

You do not despise the affliction; I rejoice in the fruits it yields.

The harvest is lacking and in need of tending.

Who can abide in the things of the Lord?

Who can hear, accept, grow, and keep? Not one; Not without mercy.

You will accomplish this; Wrenched hearts kneel at the throne of grace.

No stone unturned, no withered branch in-tact;

All who are called seek, find, and rejoice in the Lord,

Thriving safely in your vineyard of fragile fruits;

Birthed from sensitive seeds; made for hearts of flesh, not stone.

Everlasting Peace

Where will we seek the Lord? Where will we find Him?

Where will our soul find peace? Where will we find freedom?

The accusers and the liars, the extortioners and revilers, the murderous lions they devour.

With blood-tinged fangs the Shepard roar, Praises to the Lord!

Vanities! Vanities! Sharp tongues that tear and pillowy words suffocate. Where is the Life?

Chewing and gnashing the young ones into pieces, trampling their pasture, scattering the flock.

Look here! Look there! The Kingdom! The Kingdom! Look not inward to your own heart.

Find not the living fountains that bring forth the everlasting peace and true freedom.

Wonders, mighty wonders! Divine and cry! Do not sing praise the Lord will hear.

Vanities! Vanities! Power and Blessings! Are we not as Gods?

Shut up the fountain. Seal up the word. Rip the tongue of the righteous from them.

Set a snare decadently garnished. Beckon the hungry. Give them moldy bread and gall.

Feast on the souls of the afflicted.

Where is the Lord? Where is the Lord? Who will lead us to His pasture?

With rushing waves and might, the Lord will swallow them up;

Cast them down as a millstone in the sea. No peace is found in Jerusalem.

Where are thine accusers? Says the Lord.

Everlasting peace! Everlasting peace! The waters abate and fountains spring forth Life.

And there will be no more hunger, nor any more thirst for the Lord will be their Shepard.

Do not fear because of them. Do not be confused by the noise. Do not despise His patience.

Take care that you do not become as the accusers who devour the brethren.

Hold fast to the truth and rest under his shadow until the pollution is out of the way.

He will preserve, nourish, and strengthen. Peace will be your inheritance.

Everlasting peace. Everlasting peace.


Lord, you are the master and ruler of all things. Indeed all bow before you. Even those who would curse you or honor your name falsely, they too are doing your will. Who among us is not your servant?

All things are under your authority, working together to fulfill your purposes. Who are we to concern ourselves with such things? Are not all the creation the work of your hands? Who are we to tear down? Have you not ordained it?

Lord show me the way of righteous judgment and mercy, so I can walk in the peace of your patience. Even in my error, you are granting me knowledge so that I might learn the ways of your kingdom.

Praise be to the Father of all perfection, working in us mightily to perform His will! Who can resist the work of your hands? Who can turn their feet from the way of your ordinances? Whether we do justice or corruption, it is you, Lord that creates the hearts of man.

Foolish and vain man that seeks to do judgment. Who are we to reply against the will of God?

I will look to the fruitfulness of my own salvation with faith in the promises of abundant grace. Truly you are the author and finisher of my salvation, and all things are working together for those who love the Lord.


Few things weigh heavy on the heart like betrayal.

It can only come from those closest to you.

Banning together out of ignorance, fear, pride, and envy.

Do not think your plans will prosper or your deeds go unnoticed.

Some speak out of a forked tongue; flattery on one side and hate one the other.

Some are deceived and think they are doing what is right.

Some betray what they know is right, taking the path of least-resistance.

If only you had faith to know that the Holy Spirit speaks.

If only you had fear of the Lord to know that your plans are seen.

Even so, the Lord’s will is done. Who can resist it?

Jesus once said, those who are not against me are with me.

Jesus once said, those who are not with me are against me.

Both are true in their season.


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These are the things that ye shall do: Speak ye every man the truth to his neighbour; execute the judgment of truth and peace in your gates: And let none of you imagine evil in your hearts against his neighbour; and love no false oath: for all these are things I hate, saith the Lord.  — Zechariah 8:16-17


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