The Gospel Truth

First, I want to thank my Lord, Jesus for all He is doing in my heart and in my life. He is gracious, loving, and extraordinarily merciful. The whole purpose behind Kindling Truth is to share the wonderful truth of the love of Jesus.

It is the love of Jesus that we need more of. It is the only way to heal us, to lead us on a path of righteousness and obedience, and to cast aside the darkness that binds us. It is His love that transforms us from a sinful nature to the divine — releasing us from confusion and darkness. It is His love that washes away our filthiness, so we can see the kingdom of God — and really know it as He dwells within us, renewing our minds into conformity with Him.

I want the same bounty of joy, peace, and love that He has filled me with to be given to those ensnared by the cares and deceit of this world. I want you to know that you are not a slave to the things that weigh you down. I want you to know that you can live an abundant life. Not in the riches of the world but in the riches of the kingdom of God.

That is the gospel. That God Himself came to earth in the flesh of Jesus, endured every weight and temptation known to man, remained holy and pure, and then was killed and raised from the dead so that we could be redeemed and adopted into the kingdom as children of God — not by our power, but by the power of the Holy Spirit who writes the commandments of Jesus in our hearts, changing our very natures into the likeness of Christ. This doesn’t happen because we are good or better in some way. It’s because God is good and gracious to those He is raising up. It’s an incredible gift of an exceedingly merciful and glorious God.

It is true that none of us can say we have been without sin. To sin means to act in a manner that is against God — and as earthy creatures, we are naturally drawn to those things. We have all fallen short of the glory of God. We have all been worthy of death. It is also true, that light has no fellowship with darkness, so because of our sin, we cannot know God. Either we are servants of sin, or we are servants of God. There is no room for middle ground.

Yes, Jesus forgives sin. We all need forgiveness because we have all done wrong. Only Jesus lived a perfect life. But, He also heals us from sin — changing our very nature so that we are made like Him. The process of growing can be hard, but it is well worth it and He will complete His work in us. He is faithful and true.

Once the Lord works in us a desire to devote our life to Him in truth, we start a journey towards receiving His kingdom in our very heart. The kingdom of God is at hand. It is real and it is for today — for all generations — and the kingdom will one day come to rule over this earth and we will know Jesus because we will be as He is! If that isn’t good news, I don’t know what is.

There are many out there who can feel that there is more to Jesus and His truth than they’ve been told — many who feel confused and cast out by traditional Christianity. You are not alone. If you’re unsatisfied with where you are; if you know you need the physician, then seek Jesus. He will fill you full of Love and Truth. He will make you free!

The Gospel of the Kingdom at Hand

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These are the things that ye shall do: Speak ye every man the truth to his neighbour; execute the judgment of truth and peace in your gates: And let none of you imagine evil in your hearts against his neighbour; and love no false oath: for all these are things I hate, saith the Lord.  — Zechariah 8:16-17


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