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These are recordings of me talking without script about various Christian topics. I’m not a talented speaker, so I hope the Lord will help me improve over time. In any case, doing this helps me grow in the faith and in my ability to discuss important Christian issues effectively.

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The Gospel of the Kingdom at Hand

Christian Article Series’ (In Progress)

Here you will find links to most of the articles written on KindlingTruth. They are divided according to general topics for your convenience. Titles without links are articles I intend to write in the future.

Why Jesus is the Only Way?

1. Building Upon The Living Rock: an attempt at taking a comprehensive look at fundamental Christian truths. In Progress…

Part 1: The Sacrifice of Jesus and the Restoration of Mankind

Part 2: Jesus Promises Perfection

Part 3: God’s Predetermined Will for the Election of His Children in Christ

Part 4: The Nature of Hell

Part 5: The Kingdom of God is Perpetual

Part 6: Resurrection of Death and Life. Not Rapture.

Part 7: Jesus is the ONLY way. Period.

Part 8: We Don’t Have to Remain in Blind Faith

Part 9: God Reflected in the Creation / The Reality of God

Part 10: What Does it Mean to be “Spiritual?”

2. Faith vs Fear and the Duality of God: What does it mean, “fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom?”

Part 1: Fear Leads to Much Sin. Jesus Frees the Fearful.

Part 2: More on Fear of the Lord

Part 3: How Fear is Used to Control and Destroy

Part 4: Why Christians Should Not Fear “End Times”

3. The Severity of Sin and the Mercy of Jesus: We know that Jesus came as the solution to sin. But, there is still a lot of confusion about how this works.

Part 1: The Wages of Sin is Still Death

Part 2: “They Which do Such Things…” Do Sinners Enter the Kingdom?

Part 3: “No Sacrifice Remaining!?” A Look at “Willful” Sin.

Part 4: Can We Lose Our Salvation? (Separated into three sections) —

Can We Lose Our Salvation? (Section 1)

Can We Lose Our Salvation? (Section 2)

Can We Lose Our Salvation (Section 3)

4. Lessons in Patience, Forgiveness and Mercy: Jesus deals very patiently with us and the world, so we should always strive to do the same. If we want forgiveness and mercy, we need to extend the same towards others.
5. False Prophets, Teachers, and Preachers: A look at some of the deceptions within Christianity — particularly as it pertains to “end times” prophets.
6. Misc Articles on Salvation / Christian Life
Minuscule Faith Moves Mountains: Our salvation hinges on faith, and yet, I wonder how much we truly understand what a “faith-based” life really means. What change might we experience if we really took hold of our faith? I want to spend some time considering faith:
  • What Salvation by Faith Means
  • The Fruits of Faith vs The Works of The Flesh
  • Avoiding the Legalistic Faith Trap
  • Faith as a Mustard Seed Moves Mountains
  • Continuing in The Faith
Acceptable Worship: When we worship Jesus, whether through singing, ministry, or doing good deeds, are we really doing what pleases God, or are we pleasing ourselves?
  • Worship in Spirit and Truth?
  • Acceptable Sacrifices for Christians
  • Shinning a Light vs Sounding a Trumpet
  • Ministry Worship vs Serving Our Own Bellies
  • The Worship of Trust and Thanksgiving
7. Retractions and Revisions: Kindling Truth has been a learning process, so sometimes things need to be updated or all-out rejected later on. Here are some articles that needed a second look.
8. Misc articles/musings/life lessons
 9. Preparing for “End-Times”: What do we really need to know about preparing for the last days or general times of trouble throughout our lives?
  • The Parable of the Sower and Exercising in Faith
  • Seeking First the Kingdom
  • Love Covers a Multitude of Sin
  • Exercising Ourselves in Truth
  • Exercising Ourselves in Righteous Judgment
  • Overcoming Evil with Good
  • Exercising Humility
  • Learning Prophecy Appropriately
  • Continuing in the Faith
  • Suffering for His Name’s Sake
  • The Importance of Christian Fellowship
10. For Christians Abused by Christians: There’s an epidemic of hate within the Christian community that has led many into the captivity of sin. The focus of these articles/lessons is to reach out to believers and unbelievers who have been abused by people of faith and/or the church in general.
 11. Freedom from Captivity: Discussions on various emotional/mental health issues that Christians are often plagued by along with some Christian-based insight and advice for healing. This is not medical advice. I am not a medical professional, so always consult your medical professional before adjusting or changing any current treatment plans.
  • Christian Conflict Resolution: In Wrong, Consider Yourself. In Love, Consider Your Brother.
  • Freedom from Anxiety and Depression
  • Freedom from Bitterness and Unforgiveness
  • Freedom from Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • Freedom from Social Media and Screen Addiction
  • Freedom from Self-Righteous Hypocrisy
  • Freedom from Greed and Envy
  • Freedom from Lust and Covetousness
  • Freedom from Idolatry
  • Freedom from Anger
  • Freedom from Pride and Vanity
  • Freedom from Backbiting and Deceitfulness
  • Building Better Relationships
  • Christian Marriage
  • Christian Parenting


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