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KT News: Getting Organized. Again.

KindlingTruth now has seven article series going at once…whew! So, If I ever plan on actually completing these, I need to get going, huh? As of now, I plan to put out one new article each weekend. I have scheduled

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Where I Stand

I created a new page. Please take a look if you’re having any questions about my beliefs, as I feel I’ve given my readers a bit of whiplash recently 🙂

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Taking a Break to Consider “Those Who Would Kill You.”

I will be taking a break for a while. Hopefully I will return soon with more clarity, peace, and effectiveness.

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New “Questions” Page

Hi. I am adding a new page/article category that will contain questions I am sent and the answers I give. My hope is that these questions and responses will be useful for others and spark conversation in which we all

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Opening Comments

Hi. Just a note letting everyone know that I am allowing comments on articles going forward. I have made comments on occasion and I probably will continue to, so I think it’s only fair to allow people to voice their

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Update: New Article Series’

Hello. Just a note to update KindlingTruth readers on some new article series’ that I intend to begin. I’m also going to continue working on the current series’ in tandem. As of now, there are five article series’ in progress

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KT News: Getting Organized

Just a little note to let Kindling Truth readers know that I’ve organized the different topics/article series’ on the Teachings/Bible Study Page. I realize that I’ve started a few different “series,” and I’ve just added another, so I want to

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Site Update: Retractions and Revisions

Just a little note to let Kindling Truth readers know that I will start re-writing some articles. There are things I wrote that I would write differently now, or not at all. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a

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