Is There Foolishness in The Spirit?

Is there foolishness in the Holy Spirit? Of course not. No Christian would say so. Yet, if we examine ourselves closely, I wonder about our true view of the things of the Spirit. I wonder about mine.

When I first started KindlingTruth, I did not quote much scripture. I had read the New Testament carefully and did my best to come to terms with certain doctrines. I have pages of scriptures on my Scriptures page, and that’s not all of the notes I gathered during my first go of serious study. However, I was afraid of misquoting the text or taking something out of context, so I just wrote what I thought was true and tried to trust the Spirit.

I’ve read the New Testament carefully to test what I believed. I’m still making my way through the Old Testament as preparation for the book I want to write. I listen to Bible studies. However, for me, reading can be tedious. I want to read more and learn more scripture, but most of my learning comes from seeking Jesus. I’m not very learned in a conventional sense, but I do have the Holy Spirit, and I think about the things of God everyday. I pray and consider things. Cannot the Spirit teach us? Do we have faith in that?

Do I have faith in that, or do I linger here and risk burying my talent because I’m tired of being seen as some country bumpkin who goes against the grain ignorantly? I want to get back to trusting the Spirit to lead. I know there can be problems with this.

When you are young and not very fruitful in the Spirit, your sinful nature will corrupt the teaching of the Spirit. Much of my earlier writings are foolish in ways. There are true things. There are also things of my own mind I injected out of impatience when I wanted to understand something that was not fully revealed. There was bitterness and a desire to destroy the Christianity that hurt me. There was much writing and little walking the talk. It’s no wonder I made people angry. I get it.

These days, I’m not quite as young. Not quite as foolish. Not quite as impatient, and praise the Lord, not full of wrath towards the brethren. I don’t like how this sounds. I don’t mean to praise myself or anything. I’m just trying to make a point. As Christians, we are all growing, and as we seek the Lord in whatever we are to do in service to the Lord, we will grow in that as well. We will make mistakes, we will learn, and we will get better. Then we will likely make new mistakes. I don’t know if KindlingTruth will ever be perfectly true, but it will grow towards being more truthful.

If I wait until I’m a scholar of the Bible before I write the things the Spirit has taught, I will be an old woman before I write another word. Teaching the Bible is not my gifting. I strongly value that gifting. It is very needful, but that is not my service that I should be “waiting on” as Paul the Apostle wrote of. Where did he write that? I don’t know. If I “quote” something, I am confident that it is contextually sound. You can look it up. That’s one of the great things about the Internet.

I’ve been trying to look more honestly at myself and what I’m doing here at KindlingTruth. I have a lot I want to say, but one of my greatest hang ups is this desire to appear as credible by inserting more scripture. When this happens, unless we are very well versed in the Bible and have not been corrupted by the abuse of scriptures within pop culture, we can easily start taking things out of context. We might even be stating the truth, but the misuse of the scriptures dampens the truth of our overall service. I don’t want to be at risk of this.

We each have our own walk and our own way. For me, the best way to become more truthful is not to wait until I am a Bible wiz, but to seek more purging of sin so I am a better vessel for the Holy Spirit — and to stop looking to man and what they deem credible.

It is important to learn the Bible so that we are not deceived by teachings that contradict the things of God. Yet, many use the Bible for the purpose of contradicting the things of God, and much of popular Christian culture has been so heavily influenced by untrue teaching that it can become extraordinarily tedious to go up against those things. There are those who can do this, and it is needful. I don’t think that is for me.

Nothing I write should contradict the Bible (when taken in correct context) and I trust those who are well versed in the scriptures to hold me accountable. From now on, I will keep learning and I will write as I feel it is necessary — and hopefully with more carefulness. However, I am not a Bible teacher. If someone comes to me with a question about the Bible or some matter of Christian doctrine, I will answer what I believe is true being one with the Spirit of Truth. If I have scriptures to show, I will.

If this causes some to stumble, what can I say? On one hand, I could say, do you believe the Spirit can teach, or is it foolishness? Is studying the Bible heavily, memorizing verses, or going to Bible college the only way? If you are so well learned in the Bible that my lack of scriptural reference offends you, then I might wonder if your knowledge is of the truth or of tradition from Spirit-lacking pop culture Christianity. Now, I’m not bashing people who went the route of traditional Christian education. Not at all. You want to serve the Lord and you chose to pursue venues offered to you. That’s great! However, I think it is unwise and proud to despise someone who of necessity learned another way and has faith in the Spirit.

I do however believe that traditional Christian education is lacking in many ways and is very damaging to the faith. God is stronger than these shortcomings however, and He uses all things for our good. It is better to love our fellow servants and support one another while trusting the wisdom of God in all things than it is to tear one another down. That needs to be said. There are ways to tell the true servants from the fakes, but we need the Spirit. We also need the Spirit in order to properly handle bad teaching, false prophets, and the like.

This is why we must seek Jesus for ourselves. This is why we must study for ourselves. If we are given the Holy Spirit, he will keep us from the deceivers and lead us to the brethren who are meant to teach the Bible or otherwise serve us. Maybe the Spirit will teach you himself too. I don’t know.

I do know that trusting in Man without putting Jesus first is unwise. There are a few I trust, as mush as it is possible to trust in man. However, the most valuable thing I have learned is to not place too much trust in man, but to look to Jesus. I know that having a degree from a Bible college does not mean you understand what it means to live a Christian life or how the things of God really work. I know that just because someone says they are Spirit led doesn’t mean they are. I know it is very easy to deceive ourselves and others, even when we think we have good intentions. I know man is easily corrupted, and I am no exception.

I could be lazy and not wanting to do the work of learning the scriptures more fully. I could be attempting to gather disciples to myself for my own glory. I could be trying to lead you away from trusting in Man and idolizing the Bible and man-made interpretations that lead to unnecessary conflict within the body of Christ and turn you towards the Lord Jesus instead.

God’s ways in a time–or in preparation for a time–of deception are not going to mimic the norm. God’s ways in a time–or in preparation for a time–that promises to overthrow all things that are “proud and lofty” will not be the norm either. I could just be saying that too. 🙂 In either case, If you want normal and scholarly, KindingTruth might not be for you.

I write this as a point of reference in the future when met with criticism for not backing up my writings in scripture in accordance to what many deem typical or otherwise required.

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