What a Unique Experience This Life Is

I was just thinking about how blessed we are to have life and how fast time passes us by. We’ve all had thoughts about that, especially if we have children. They grow too fast, as people say. The passing of time is something that gets to me sometimes, and when I think about how fleeting this life is, I feel mixed emotions of gratitude, amazement, sadness, and fear.

My oldest child turned six years old a few days ago. That means he is one-third of the way towards adulthood, or at least becoming old enough to leave home. These first six years have flown by. How fast will the next six go, and the next? He’s already losing some of those baby-like features, looking more and more like a little man. My other son is growing so fast too, even recently. Both are maturing in ways that make me proud as a mom, but sad too. It’s like every few months the sons I know are replaced with another version, just as incredible, but different.

This makes me think about how wonderfully unique this life is. Have you ever thought about that? In the eternity, there is no getting married and having children. This is the only point in time, as far as I know based on the Bible, that I will be a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt.

What a wonderfully unique experience we have going, and it goes so fast.

Even during this life, though motherhood continues even after children are grown, the experience of being a mother of young children only lasts a few short years. All phases of life, as unique and wonderful as they are, go by without much thought. We get so caught up in the mundane that it’s like we live from one task to the next, day to day, and before we know it an other year has come and gone.

How can we expect to live eternally when we do not appreciate what life we have now, especially as unique and fleeting as this current experience of life is when compared to the vastness of eternity?

I want to do better about taking it all in, as much as possible, with real gratitude and appreciation for what God has given.

If we really appreciate life, how can we do things that destroy life? How can we keep doing things that destroy ourselves and those around us, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally? Within the kingdom of heaven there is no sorrow or crying or death or pain. Even now, this is true.

If we live as one who’s heart is filled with the kingdom of heaven, though we experience sorrow, pain, and even death, we will not live as one who brings these things to others. Or at least we earnestly strive not to. When these things are brought to us, the Lord will guard our hearts and give us praise to cover sorrow, healing to cover pain, and life that overcomes all death.

There is much to pursue, even now, regarding the gospel of the kingdom of heaven–and I believe that in a large way that pursuit hinges on an appreciation for life. Most importantly, faithfulness to he who is Life: Jesus Christ. If we really love life, we will love him also. If we do not know the Lord, then we love death, we keep bringing death, and death will be our end.

Thank the Lord for life!

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2 comments on “What a Unique Experience This Life Is
  1. lnhereford says:

    Well said, sister! My little girl just turned 8 a couple weeks ago. It’s just a big ‘ol mix of emotions, but you did a great job putting words to it! Sad, but joyful at the same time. I hadn’t thought about not being a mom in heaven, what a great point! This is the only season we’ll be able to.
    I love how God uses marriage as a way to depict Christ’s love for the church. Voddie Baucham just did a family series, at a convention, that’s online now. It’s fantastic! He walks through Ephesians, explaining the family roles and how they relate to that comparison. I’m going to write about it today. You’re post reminded me, thank goodness! I would have totally flaked.
    It also just brought me so much joy to read your Kingdom centered message. Such a blessed thing to think on! Truly a good way to start my morning. May the Lord bless you!

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