Ramblings of a Saddened Yet Hopeful Heart

If we want things to change, we must first change ourselves. Society does not change when laws and rulers of this world change, but when the hearts of individuals on a mass-scale return to the Lord.

I do not believe the world will return to the Lord until his kingdom comes, but I do believe that the body and bride of Christ will be made whole. I believe that great affliction will separate the sincere believers from insincere. We can see shadows of this already.

The entire foundation of the Christian faith is eroding, and as Jesus taught, a house built upon the sand will not stand when the waves roar and the winds blow. When that “water as a flood” comes after Christians (Revelation 12), many are going to be washed away. Many are already washed away by the depths of sinful society, and calling ourselves Christian with our mouths will not prevent drowning.

Why I Remain Hopeful

Since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated with people. I observe people, how they think and behave, and I try to understand. Once my mind became more aligned with the teachings of Christ, the Lord put my inclinations to work, helping me to understand much about the problems in our society today from narcissism to feminism, gender confusion, the battles between the sexes and politics, Christian corruption, various sin struggles, and even the smallest matters of the heart like self-deception.

It is a sad place to be, feeling as if the Lord has given me insight that would help people if they would just listen. Insight that fosters compassion and understanding for all sides of most issues, yet, keeps me from taking any side over another fully. Why? Because all are right in some way and all are wrong in some way. All are victims and all are abusers. The side I take is that of truth according to Jesus, and that way often goes in-between the realms of normalcy. There is no place for people like me very often, those who cannot assimilate into the usual social constraints or ideas – even those among the faith. Especially those of the faith.

I realize the selfishness of this. I still have many faults. Mostly, I am sad for others. I want peace for people. Love and contentment instead of hate, bitterness, and insatiable desires for more of the things that only destroy them.

The Lord’s promises and his salvation at work in my life keeps me going, and I have much hope for the future despite the noise and hate of this world. There is much love too. Many sincere Christians and loving people. Many who hear the wisdom of the Lord and grow in the things of the kingdom of heaven, supporting one another and standing strong in the faith. The darker this world gets, the more beautiful the lights are!

Although I have much work ahead of me according to what the Lord has shown and works in me, one thing remains constant:

 Jesus is the Answer, and We All Need Him.

We all need to take personal responsibility for our actions and sin instead of focusing on the faults of others. We all need to seek the kingdom of heaven first, pray earnestly, and ask the Lord to help us understand his teachings. We cannot rely on the establishments of Christianity today. I know that upsets people, but look at this world. Look at this Christian nation.

Have we been successful in keeping the ways of the Lord? What can we learn from history when the nation of God goes astray? Why do we suppose our very foundation is being eroded out from under us? Is it the fault of the world for doing what the world does, or is it our own because we did just like God’s people have always done. We adapted to the unbelieving way, worshiped idols, became rich, lazy, self-serving, disobedient, and began twisting the word of God to fit the shifting sands of the times.

Now is the Time to Return to the Lord.

There is repeating a pattern for the people of God. The true way is set before us. We neglect the ways of God and go after the ways of this world. The world then consumes us and we become afflicted. The Lord chastises us, sends oppressive rulers, and turns away from us. We then remember the Lord, turn back to God and seek mercy and forgiveness, and He hears us.

When are you going to turn back to God? It is better to start doing this now rather than later, because there will come a time of Great Tribulation – and this comes because Christians are corrupt. We are to blame. The written word will come to pass, yet, each of us on an individual level can return to the Lord. We can seek the truth. We can remove ourselves spiritually from the corruptions of this world and false, whorish Christianity. As it is written, “seek ye the Lord while he may be found.” I do not know when the Lord will return or when the final tribulation will begin, but we only have this life. This life is short and precious, so now is always the time. Today is always the day of salvation. The kingdom of heaven is always at hand.

There is Always Hope.

It is hard to be a Christian today in many ways. The sinful are praised and those who cling to what is good and true are ridiculed and even persecuted in the social and business world. It is hard to know which Christian teachings are true. It is hard to maintain Christian values and homes, to raise upright children, and to remain focused on the kingdom of heaven when we live in a society of decadence and immorality. We are made to feel foolish, even insane. We are seen as backwards and unable to adapt to the societal ideas of progress.

Yet, the more we suffer for Jesus sake, the greater our reward in heaven. The more we put Jesus first and begin to experience unshakable love and peace, even when the waves roar and the sea devours this world – it is an astounding thing. We will not escape tribulation and persecution, however, we do not fear those who can kill the body. Jesus will avenge us and raise us into a place of everlasting life.

Focus on the wisdom of the teachings of Christ, ask him to give you the power to keep his ways, remain hopeful of the resurrection and the glories of the kingdom of heaven. Forget useless divisions over petty matters of doctrine, and foster love and unity with faith that one day the Lord will lead us all to better understanding. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Christians will unite when globally persecuted, and it is best to learn how to get along now so we can strengthen one another, not tear down. It is best to learn of the gospel in fullness and let that be our focus, for in so doing, division will be put to rest.

What about you, Amanda? Why do you tear down? Sometimes things must be divided and sorted out before uniting is possible. The things I go after are false ideas (not people) that corrupt the gospel and teachings of Jesus Christ for the purpose of strengthening my own faith and that of others. It is love to do this, not hate. It would be hate to watch people die and do nothing, and I do not want that judgment on my hands.

This world will be devoured one day, and we who sincerely love the Lord are not meant to be caught up in it. Those who are sincere rest on the rock of Jesus Christ, and we will not be moved.

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These are the things that ye shall do: Speak ye every man the truth to his neighbour; execute the judgment of truth and peace in your gates: And let none of you imagine evil in your hearts against his neighbour; and love no false oath: for all these are things I hate, saith the Lord.  — Zechariah 8:16-17


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