“You Will Be Surprised When There is No Resurrection for You.”

I’m not one to publish these things usually. I will write a post sometime soon about “dreams and visions.”

This one I will publish.

I just woke up from a dream, and this one needs to be shared.

The beginning details are a bit fuzzy, but the sharp details I doubt I will ever forget.

There was some kind of evil force. There were three people fighting this force. Myself and two young men at the least. I think more. The details here are not clear. There was much to it, but I cannot remember.

One of the young men was our leader. He seemed to be very upright, charismatic, and talked of his immortality.

As for the other young man. He was very sinful, he did not talk of his immortality, but instead talked as though he was not sure of it. He knew he was sinful, and he was very humble. He messed up a lot.

Myself and the humble, sinner of a young man were standing with the one who acted as our leader. We began to distrust him. We wrestled within our minds whether or not we should continue to follow him.

Us three were standing in something I cannot describe. Some kind of room, but it seemed industrial. Suddenly the leader was picked up by a pair if arms and hands. The leader did not seem aware of what was happening. It happened so fast. He was placed inside a kind of container (for lack of a better word) that was cylindrical and also seemed industrial.

The pair of arms and hands sealed a lid on the container, and I heard a voice say, ” The sinner’s prayer, I hate. You will be surprised when there is no resurrection for you.”

The man inside the container still did not seem to care.

Suddenly, this white liquid came flooding into the room. It was a kind of fire-like substance that was bright. I had never seen such a thing. I became very afraid, thinking, there is no resurrection for me. I accepted that I did not deserve to live, then I put my faith in Jesus. I closed my eyes and began to pray. The young man beside me did the same. I could hear the name Jesus come out of his mouth.

The fiery substance must have made it to where we were standing, but we seemed to be unharmed. Maybe it went around us, I do not know. My eyes were still closed and as I prayed, I heard screams coming from inside the sealed container as the righteous man who bragged of his immortality was boiled alive. It was agonizing screams, and he cursed God.

As far as I know, myself and the young man with me were left unharmed. I do not know for certain, because I woke up after hearing the contained man curse God.

What you should take away from this:

This will offend so many people, but this is in line with one of the things I have been teaching.

The man who perished seemed like a good person. A leader. Someone to be followed, and this person was so sure of their salvation. I cannot say for sure why this man was condemned.

All I can say is we should be cautious of our leaders and we need to take care of our own salvation “with fear and trembling.”

God is not to be trifled with, and our legalistic salvation will NOT save us. There will be NO resurrection based on reciting the sinner’s prayer alone.

We must humble ourselves and admit our sins sincerely and with repentance. We must not be fake and put on false shows of righteousness, but live in truth, compassion, and love. We should pursue righteousness, but if our righteousness is outward only, then it is not true and we will not withstand the fire.

Accept that life is not something we are entitled to, much less life eternal. Respect this. Respect that God can destroy you, and it would be just. We are at His mercy in all things. Seek forgiveness earnestly, live truthfully, humbly, and never take the wrath or the mercy of the Lord for granted.

Lastly, during times of trouble, call on the name of Jesus, and his name alone, however you know him. Yeshua, Jesus, it does not matter. Jesus is salvation. Jesus is the resurrection. Do we really believe in him? Now is the time to get serious about our faith, the teaching of Christ, and worshiping God sincerely. We only have one shot. One life to live for the Lord.

*inserted two hours after publishing*

I’ve been thinking on this, and one thing I am trying to understand is there is a resurrection for the condemned. There is the resurrection of life and the resurrection of condemnation. This should not contradict that.

My thoughts are that “there is no resurrection” from the second death, and I believe the destruction of the man illustrates being cast in to the lake of fire, which is the second death. I do not know for sure. I also think of the devil, who the Lord will “place a seal on” so he can deceive no more (Revelation 20: 1-3). Maybe the man represents the devil.

I also consider the story of the two men in the Old Testament who would not worship idols and were cast into a furnace, were not harmed, and the Lord stood with them.

I am not good at interpretations, but in any case, there are some things we might clearly take away from this.


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