Do NOT Look to Me.

It’s a strange thing. When you make yourself a public figure, even a minuscule one, I have found that there are struggles I did not fully anticipate.

I understand that KindlingTruth can be controversial at times, so I expect backlash. I expect resistance and I expect to be put into situations where I have to account for what I say. I should always be held accountable.

When I first started KindlingTruth, I thought people would rejoice over what I had learned, but I soon discovered that was not the case. My attitude certainly did not help. Anyhow, since then I have learned to deal with negativity. I do not always deal with it as I should, but the Lord is teaching me this.

One thing I never expected was to be glorified. To fight off vain connections and ideas that people have. To deal with odd comments and messages, to have people ask me what I think about this or that topic, to be pulled into disagreements and make a judgment call. To give advice on personal matters. This has blindsided me, and most of this is recent.

I have some things to say about this.


If I write something that is not sound in the scripture or otherwise unwise or un-Christianly,  you would be doing me a kindness to say so. I welcome constructive criticism and conversations always.


I am a young and often foolish. There are things I struggle with in my own life and in my own heart. Though I believe in the gospel and I write about these things, I am not some exemplary example of Jesus Christ. We should all strive in this, yes, but I have a long way to go.

I  am not, nor do I intend, to lead or pastor the flock of the Lord. I write, I live, and I do my best to be a good Christian. That’s as far as it goes for me. I’m here to support and discuss,  but there is a line I cannot cross.

Do I think you should consider the things I write? Of course, or else I would not write them. Yet, knowledge and understanding belongs to God. If I have anything at all right, it is because the Lord has revealed it, not because I am smarter or wiser.

I know there are those out there who say these things. “Don’t look to me, look to Jesus” but they are being manipulative and trying to cause you to see them as humble or whatever. For all you know, I could be doing this too. I think you should listen to what I have to say and only in as much as I follow Jesus should you follow what I say — but follow the ideas, not the person writing them.

It should absolutely terrify us to think too much of anyone other than Jesus. He is the Lord. The Almighty. The ONLY one worthy of praise or adoration. Do not despise me, but do not consider me as someone to look up to. I will disappoint you.


*Later inserted* There are things to look at. Look at my faults, the lessons learned during my Christian journey, and the working of the Lord that changes me over time. Be inspired to seek change and the promises of salvation! Here are some other things I welcome:

  • Questions or concerns about other ministries, especially online who go against tradition or exalt themselves. I have some valuable experience in spotting deciet within ministry, prophets, and so on.
  • Questions about doctrine or applying the teachings of Jesus to our lives.
  • Concerns about your faith or struggles during your Christian walk.
  • I’m always here to support and encourage, never to judge things I cannot or to be esteemed too highly.

I hope this makes sense! If not, comment below or email me. I always welcome discussions and I want to help believers in any way I can. I understand the desire for leadership and looking to others for guidance. Jesus is the ultimate guidance counselor! Check all things with him.

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These are the things that ye shall do: Speak ye every man the truth to his neighbour; execute the judgment of truth and peace in your gates: And let none of you imagine evil in your hearts against his neighbour; and love no false oath: for all these are things I hate, saith the Lord.  — Zechariah 8:16-17


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