Worshiping Jesus is Liberating!

If we trust Jesus, then this means we place our confidence in him rather than ourselves, others, or this world in general. With this faith, we will pursue a more substantial relationship with Jesus. In doing so, we naturally progress in worshiping Jesus as we submit our lives to him more fully. This is liberating, and there is much to be thankful for as we experience the freedom only Jesus can provide.

As we submit to Jesus more fully, we naturally become freed from the rulership of Satan. As we become freed from the rulership of Satan, our natures transform as we find freedom from the forces of destruction in this world. As we find freedom from the forces of destruction in this world, we will grow in fruitfulness. We grow in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness, and temperance.

As Christians, we are called to fruitfulness. This is not something we have to lay upon ourselves as some impossible or difficult task we must perform. Rather, the fruits we bear are the natural result of faith and are given of grace. As we go from “faith to faith” we will naturally go from “righteousness to righteousness.”

Worshiping Jesus is liberating. When we have confidence in Christ, we embark on an incredible journey that leads to freedom from sin and all things that would destroy us. When we submit to sin and the forces of this world, we are worshiping those things in some sense, and the thing we worship or “bow down to” will rule us. As Christians, we are not bound to continued worship of the things of this world that will kill, steal, and destroy us.

What if we love the things of this world? What if we love ourselves and give into selfish desires? What if we love money and power? What if we love substances that destroy our bodies? What if we love ungodly entertainments? The things we can find ourselves drawn to that are not of God are many.

If we find ourselves having trouble letting go of the things of this world, take some comfort in knowing that these struggles are common to man, even our brothers and sisters in Christ. However, as Christians, we are not to submit our lives to anything other than Jesus. It is good for us to try to let go of sinful things and focus on the Lord, however, we should understand that all things pertaining to our salvation are given by grace through faith.

If we seek Jesus with sincerity, then amazing things start to happen. The things we once loved become less appealing as we learn that what Jesus has to offer is much better. We begin to see the foolishness of our ways and how destructive the things we once loved really are. We begin to see how sinful we are, even if we previously thought we were good people. We begin to see a change in priorities that shifts toward the things of God instead of this world, and we will naturally repent and turn to Jesus to help us overcome the sins we hate. This is the working of Jesus in us, maturing us and causing us to lay aside the childish things we once loved, not because we are forced into it, but because our hearts are opened to something better!

Truly, God is in control of all things. All things pertaining to our salvation are already accomplished, and as our God-given faith takes root, Jesus will begin to change us from the inside out so that we are no longer bound to this world, and instead of bowing to the things that destroy us, we will find the amazing liberty that comes from worshiping Jesus alone. This is good news!

This article is meant to expand upon ideas mentioned in Trust and Thanksgiving, which is within the Acceptable Worship series.

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