I’ve been thinking about something today, and I just want to write something real quick.

I like writing articles about things I have struggled with in life as a Christian, and I also like writing about current struggles. However, I could not have always done this, so I don’t advise it in all cases.

I encourage everyone to be honest about their sins. Mostly, be honest with yourself and with the Lord. If you are, then you will be more compassionate with people who struggle, and you naturally will steer away from being self-righteous or putting on a show of righteousness pretentiously.

That does not mean you have to shout your sins and struggles from the rooftops.

There is benefit to confession, for sure. Sometimes we need to confess to others, especially if we have hurt someone. Seek the Lord in this. There is a time and place for everything.

This is something the Lord has given me to do. Making things I struggle with public in order to combat pretentious righteousness and encourage honesty. To encourage us to seek Jesus for healing. I have to, but as I mentioned, this is something I couldn’t have done not too long ago. Why not, and why do I advise using caution in doing this yourself? It is because people will pray upon your weaknesses and insecurities.

If we are new to the faith or if we are at a point where we have been in the faith for a long time, but we are going through a lot of changes and re-directing our life towards Christ, then we might not have the confidence to make our weaknesses known. It can be unwise too. It can create opportunity for people to hurt us, and if we do not have the right mindset and confidence in Christ, this can be very bad for us and others too.

I’ve been having a conversation with a loved on in Christ in which I made myself super vulnerable. My reason was honorable and I hope it was for the good of us both. However, this led me to consider something about how our insecurities can backfire if we willingly put them on display.

Hopefully we will all get to a place in our Christian walk where we have enough confidence in our salvation, but most importantly, confidence in the Lord that we let go of all insecurities so that people do not have weapons to use against us. Our faith will “quench the fiery darts of the wicked” as mentioned in Ephesians 6.

I’m not completely free from insecurities. There are things that were recently brought to light, but I’m glad because that means the Lord is working on it!

In any case, I don’t want to encourage people to put themselves in harms way. Daniel didn’t just jump off into the lions den. He was put there, and the Lord kept him. I hope this makes sense. If not, email or comment below. I hope you all have a great day!


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18 comments on “Confidence
  1. truefaith101 says:

    This spoke volumes to me. Thank you so much
    GOD bless you

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  2. truefaith101 says:

    I have been hit by the enemy from my weaknesses. I see him working in other Christians and I have even noticed his influence on me. It’s a for real Spiritual battle we are in

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    • Amanda says:

      Thanks for the comments. I love seeing the Lord’s perfect timing and will at work! The enemy will use your weaknesses. I’ve had mine used and nearly crushed by them. This is good for us. Struggling through our weaknesses makes us strong in that area. If you have weaknesses that are fighting against you, keep seeking Jesus in it. He will get you through, and you will be so thankful for that fight. For me, some struggles lasted years. I got my butt kicked a lot. Battle scars are good! Keep going!

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  3. truefaith101 says:

    I shared this one!!!

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  4. truefaith101 says:

    I see the changes that you added. It’s amazes me that you put that comment in about hurting someone. That’s exactly what I have had happened. I have been hurt by someone though that we actually hurt each other.

    I really believe at this point though because we’ve already had the conversation, at this point, distance is best. I’m learning a lot too about who I can and cannot share what with from what I receive from the LORD. Sometimes what HE shows us is simply meant to pray over and and not share it, and without getting into a lot of the details I’ll just leave it at that. Forgiveness doesn’t mean returning back to a friendship always too. It’s sad because we both are Christians and hopefully at that right time again we can get back to that friendship but for now, I tread light. Once bitten twice shy and that’s still part of that learning process too.

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    • Amanda says:

      The way the Lord works amazes me too! It’s the Holy Spirit. He speaks through us when we don’t even know it! Keeps his servants in awe and humble too because we know it isn’t us! Learning who we can be open with is hard. I had such trust issues for so long that no none knew me, and here I am, 31 with no close friends. Working on that! The Lord is so good in healing us and giving us the wisdom to handle each and every situation, and if we mess up, that too is his will and work for good somehow. Incredible! I pray peace for you and your situation. The Lord is in control of it, and if you are both Christians, then this is part of your growing process somehow. It will be okay!

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      • truefaith101 says:

        That’s so great and wow you are so young and so full of so much wisdom and you can absolutely tell it is from HIS HOLY Spirit. I am 43 and I feel like it’s taken me ALL of those 43 years getting to where I am. Much of my learning came from self inflicted wounds but I am grateful for it. I use to really have just so much regrets but I use that now to help others. It’s my story so I can use it for good, right? 😊

        Thank you so much for your encouragement and kind words. We’ve known each other for nearly 10 years and this year has been the first time that this has become such a struggle with our friendship being strained. I read the book the Bait of Satan, by John Revere, and I am re reading it again too. It’s so easy to take offense and we all are guilty. Man I tell you being a Christian ain’t easy but HE didn’t promise that it would be but that HE would be here to help us, and HE is right now with you. GOD BLESS YOU

        I want to be more vulnerable and willing to be hurt again and again
        So that’s part of my growth too that I am allowing HIM to work on with me

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      • Amanda says:

        I learned a lot from self-inflicted wounds too. I’m glad you share your story. Sometimes I think those who were wounded most have the most impactful stories. I’m sorry to hear about your long-term friendship having problems. Maybe it’s because you are so close that you have no inhibitions. I don’t know the details of your situation, obviously, so I don’t know if you should make yourself vulnerable or not. The Lord knows though, and He will lead you! Learning that kind of love is hard, but I love to see people growing in it. Thanks so much for your kind words of encouragement!

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  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you!

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  6. truefaith101 says:

    Thank you so much

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  7. PrinceInspires says:

    I can truly relate well-to this experience. Thanks a lot for sharing and may God continue to help us in this race. Nice work you do here. Looking forward to connect more with you.

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