The Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven

Dear Christian, don’t you know that you are perfect? Did not the blood of the Son of God become shed for your sins, covering and promising the righteousness of God? Is our God in anywise lacking in righteousness? If we believe it then, are we not imputed the same righteousness though we are sinners?

Why then, do you say, “I’m not perfect.” or “I will never be perfect?” Have faith. Even so, did Abraham, who was very old, doubt that God would provide him a son? Perhaps there was doubt. Even Sarah who laughed was still given the son. Did God give them a son because they had faith without a shred of doubt? No. They had just enough faith, given of God, so that His purposes would be fulfilled and the nation of Israel established.

Christians, are we not also grafted into the people of Israel through faith in Jesus Christ, who died for the forgiveness of our sins and was raised unto everlasting life?

We should not say that we are not perfect. We should not say that we will never be perfect. If you believe in the sacrifice of the only begotten Son of God, you are already perfect. Believe it, see your self though this lens instead of the lens of the accusing enemy, Satan.

Do not believe the lies that tell you otherwise. Do not beat yourself up over your sin, and do not declare defeat by saying you will always be a sinner. Sin is death. You are not bound to death.

Again, consider Abraham whose faith was counted to him for righteousness. Consider the law of the circumcision. The circumcision was the outward sign of the people of Israel. Have we Christians forgotten that in Christ, a Jew is of the circumcision of the heart? How so? It is by the promise of life when Jesus raised himself from the dead and sent his Holy Spirit. Have faith. That which is imputed will be fulfilled in you.

Just as the blood of Jesus forgives our sins and cloaks us in righteousness, his resurrection promises life. Remember when Jesus said, “it is good for you that I go away, for if I go not away I will not send the Comforter to you.” The Comforter is the Holy Spirit, by whose power we are raised from the dead in newness of life as we are graciously given the circumcision of the heart.

God, who hates all sin and loves righteousness, and who loves His children enough to die on the cross — would he allow His children who He loves to continue in the bonds of sin? No. We are promised life abundant as the Holy Spirit writes the laws of the kingdom in our circumcised hearts. This is not a work of the law, but of grace by faith.

Christians, you believe in the death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus, the Son of God in the flesh. Therefore, you are perfect. The blood of Jesus covers you and you can approach the throne of God boldly and without shame no matter what kind of sins are in your past or present. If you turn from them, if you repent, your sins are dead and gone.

Likewise, believe in the resurrection of life. Believe in the circumcision of the heart, and do not let your current or past sinful state tell you that you will not be perfect or that you will always be a sinner. Did not the Son of Man come with healing in his wings? He will renew you. He will change you. He will write the laws of the kingdom God within you so that you do not continue bringing forth the sinful fruits of death, but instead, you will grow abundantly in the fruits of the Spirit which are life.

All of this is by faith through grace. It is the gospel of the kingdom of heaven. We do not have to wait to enter into the kingdom of heaven. It is in the circumcised hearts of those who believe.

Remember those of old who did not have faith in God when He lead them out of Egypt to the promised land? They stumbled at the promise of the kingdom and were made to wonder in the desert. Do you want to wonder in the desert of sin, or do you believe that the kingdom is now?

Do you remember Caleb and Joshua, who believed that God would deliver them from their enemies? You do not have to wait. The kingdom of heaven is now. Take it. Do not let your giants (sin) which you fear keep you from the promises of God. The blood of Jesus is sufficient to forgive your sins, and his resurrection is the promise of life.

Now, dear Christians, I have some questions for you.

Are you the same person you where before the love of Jesus came into your life?

Are you growing in the things of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness, and temperance? Even in the slightest?

Do you see yourself moving away from desiring the things of this world and instead desiring the Lord and the things of the kingdom of heaven?

Do you think that the Lord is limited? If he can change your heart even in the slightest, where is the cut off point? At which point to you say, “this sin is too big for God.” Can Jesus not change your heart and free you from every work of the flesh and cause you to continue growing in the things of the spirit?

Don’t you see, you are already living proof of the gospel of the kingdom of heaven. Just because you have always been told the lies of imperfection and being bound to sin, or because you have been told that you will only enter the kingdom of heaven after your flesh body dies, does not make void the promise of God.

Even though Abraham and Sarah had doubt, God was faithful. Even though you might not have been taught the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Lord is faithful. He is so merciful and gracious, so let us push on. Examine the faith and the promises of the gospel. Believe and live!

Do not stumble at the promises. Do not let the enemy and those who have been confused by false teachings and half-truth gospels hinder you. They are as those who mocked the entrance of the promised land—and they are many.

Many of you pastors, ministers, and teachers, if you will examine yourself and the scriptures prayerfully, I pray that you will see what is true so that you can be good shepherds that lead the flock of Jesus to the promised land instead of being those who would keep the people of God wondering in the desert of sin. I fear what might become of you otherwise.

And who am I that I should tell you these things? My hands are trembling at the keyboard because I know my sin, and I had no intent of writing this morning. Praises to the Lord, because I know how much the grace of the Lord abounds to me, not just so that I can be seen as perfect and given freedom from that struggle of legalism and battling sin futility on my own, but so that I can declare this to you.

Wrapping This Up

It is true, your works will not save you. We cannot stop sinning on our own. We are hypocrites and we will always be drawn to the sins of the flesh. Stop struggling so much. Stop attempting to please God or trying to be a “good Christian” by legalistically applying what you think a Christian should be to your life. On the other hand, do not admit defeat or start justifying your sin. Jesus is the way out. He will convict your heart of sin, and he alone will turn you from it. Believe it. Be free! We have the imputation, but also, “be not deceived. He that does righteousness is righteous.” Jesus will lead us in the ways of righteousness in his perfect time and perfect way. It is what it means to live a Christian life.

The fullness of the gospel is not justification by works. It is faith in the works of Jesus. We are justified by grace through faith. Please, consider what this means. The law is not void, however. As Paul the Apostle wrote, “we establish the law.” It is written in our hearts, and as we are conformed to the image of the Son, we are to be shining lights in this dark world that show what the love and mercy of Jesus is supposed to be about. Have faith. The kingdom of God is truly at hand. Ask Jesus to fill you with his Holy Spirit so you can enter in boldly, without shame, doubt, or fear.

“Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” (Matthew 5:48)

If this article was confusing, especially the idea of perfection, you might read the next article: The Imputation of Righteousness and Applying the Crucifixion of Jesus to Our Lives

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3 comments on “The Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven
  1. Anonymous says:

    This may sound wierd, but I never really think to myself, I’m perfect, or not perfect in Christ. I know when I’m not perfect and I know when the Lord has helped me to do right. In my mind, I’m always wanting to do right, there are just SO many constant situations it’s impossible to judge it all. I pray and,always hope, wanting to get perfect, but it’s never really settled in my mind. What’s settled is, I’m thankful the Lord is perfect. I’m thankful the Lord is my savior, for me just trusting in this gets me through life. Your right, Jesus said,Be perfect,. I will try to think on this more, thank you for the study!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Amanda says:

      That doesn’t sound wierd. This is kind of a new idea for me, and it’s hard for me to see myself as perfect. I would like to beleive this and let go of unbelief, and I want to see this perfection in others. Seeing myself and others through the eyes of imputed righteousness, and what that can mean interms of seeking actual righteousness with a bolder faith, and also how we look at our brothers and sisters in Christ. I plan to write something about that. Im still wrapping my own mind around this.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I understand the desire to see perfection and righteousness in brothers and sisters, sometimes being on the outside we can clearly see their imperfections. But it’s tempting then to do the beam in the eye thing. It’s really challenging to not look to others for perfection but rather only looking to Christ for perfection. Always hoping and praying for others. Perfection is quite a high calling, Jesus had to be crucified in order to be made perfect. Yes, we need to be perfect too….kind of scary, but trusting the Lord in all things!


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