Patience – Commentary

Lord, you are the master and ruler of all things. Indeed all do serve you, and all bow before you. Even those who would curse you or honor your name falsely, they too are doing your will. Who among us is not your servant?

All things are under your authority, working together to fulfill your purposes. Who are we to concern ourselves with such things? Are not all the creation the work of your hands? Who are we to tear down? Have you not ordained it?

Lord show me the way of righteous judgment and mercy, so I can walk in the peace of your patience. Even in my error, you are granting me knowledge so that I might learn the ways of your kingdom.

Praise be to the Father of all perfection, working in us mightily to perform His will! Who can resist the work of your hands? Who can turn their feet from the way of your ordinances? Whether we do justice or corruption, it is you, Lord that creates the hearts of man.

Foolish and vain man that seeks to do judgment. Who are we to reply against the will of God?

I will look to the fruitfulness of my own salvation with faith in the promises of abundant grace. Truly you are the author and finisher of my salvation, and all things are working together for those who love the Lord.

As Christians, we often say that God is in control. Yet, we also often fail to realize this reality, and many debate over this issue.

It is my belief that the Lord has ordained everything, even the things we might call bad, and all are working together to fulfill the purpose of creation which is the raising up of many sons.

Though I belief this intellectually, having faith in this in a more substantial way has been a struggle for me. However, the more I consider it, the more comfort I find in the sovereignty of God, and the more foolish I feel for worrying too much about the evils in this world – particularly those within Christian systems of today.

It is good for us to love the things God loves and to hate the things God hates. I hate lies and false teachings that corrupt our understanding of Jesus Christ and the gospel. I hate false prosperity gospels, and the half-hearted commitment many have to the one they profess as Lord. I could go on and on about the corruptions of Christianity today – and I hate them all.

However, I know that God is in control, and He allows all of this to stand for a reason, and He alone will tear it down at a time when He deems fit.

There are many judgment ministries out there, and falling into a similar kind of ministry has been an ongoing struggle for me. I go back and forth, not knowing how to focus this zeal for truth and disgust for all that pervert the grace of Jesus that came at such a high price. It’s been the greatest struggle with KindlingTruth.

I’m learning to be patient with this. I’ve been learning to be patient with this, and each time I think I have that under control, something snatches it away. I hope this lesson is now learned fully so I don’t keep going back and forth. Only time will tell.

One thing that I recently realized is that being young in Spirit, I don’t have adequate “fruit” to deal with all that is wrong out there – not without being overcome by the evils of this world. Many are those who have become overcome with these evils and they turn to hatefulness, pride, and condemning Christians on mass scale. Jesus teaches us that we are not to be overcome with evil, but rather, we should overcome evil with good.

So, to keep from falling into this wicked and foolish judgment line of thinking, the Lord exercises me in maintaining focus on what is true and what is good – focus on the Lord Jesus Christ and his patience, mercy, and his righteous judgment so that I can be fruitful for His purposes.

Many are blind to Christian corruption at large, however, God’s people are growing up within these systems, and we don’t want to risk rooting them up along with the tares, right? We should always be cautious in how we judge things, and we should be cautious in following ministries of judgment. “With what judgment we judge, we will be judged.”

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    Good understanding!

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These are the things that ye shall do: Speak ye every man the truth to his neighbour; execute the judgment of truth and peace in your gates: And let none of you imagine evil in your hearts against his neighbour; and love no false oath: for all these are things I hate, saith the Lord.  — Zechariah 8:16-17


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