I Have Been Doing it Wrong

I don’t have a catchy introduction for this post. However, if you are a reader of KindlingTruth, then this note is for you.

Some of you know that I’ve been working for some time on several article series’ pertaining to Christian doctrine, the gospel, and living a faith-based life.

Today, I was reading the bible and working on gathering scripture for the articles about the nature of heaven, particularly the gospel of the kingdom of heaven. Lately, I’ve felt a bit crushed by the weight of this ministry, and I’ve felt like something was off. There’s the inner struggles I deal with, but today I realized something important.

I’ve been doing it wrong.

Maybe not entirely, but there are kinks that need to be worked out.

Many of you will not like to hear this, and that’s okay. I don’t fault you for it. I understand the many reasons why that is, and I’m painfully aware of how this might come across. However, if I deny my own conscience and what I know to be true for the sake of being more pleasing, then that’s not good. We will all face God someday, and doing what He wants is more important than doing what the world wants. As Christians, we understand that. Or we should.

The problem I’m facing, and have struggled with for some time is this: Many Christians will hate this ministry. Many Christians will also be comforted and encouraged.

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am not a go-against-the-grain person. Aside from some issues in early adulthood, I was always a fairly “good kid.” Follow the rules. Do good in school. Yada yada.

I get no enjoyment out of upsetting people, but the nature of this ministry is going to upset people. It is supposed to. But, as I mentioned, it will encourage those who it is meant to encourage.

So, how have I been doing this wrong?

For one, I’ve been fearing man more than God, though that has decreased by the grace of Jesus. Yes, I should be patient and temper things with gentleness as much as possible. We all should. However, I cannot neglect the truth for the sake of being more acceptable.

As part of the nature of this ministry and the way it will be presented, my particular message will not appeal to many Christian academics. I am not an academic. I’ve been trying to appeal to people who have a lot of knowledge about the bible by citing scriptures and approaching discussions on an intellectual level. There is nothing wrong with that, but that is not my ministry. If you want to learn the bible, check out my contacts/resources page.

This ministry should be by the ability of the Holy Spirit, not my intellect. If I try to do this work according to my ability, I will not be able to. That has been hard for me to accept, and I need to grow more in this regard.

Letting go and having faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ is essential to this ministry. It is essential to the message of this ministry, therefore, I have to live it out myself.

All this being said, there will be one work. Just one. It will be lead by the Spirit, not something I try to perform myself. It might be a long message. It might not. I do expect it to cover all of the items listed on the articles page of this website. Beyond that, I don’t know. Obviously, I cannot say I won’t continue writing, but the essence of what I’ve learned and tried to present will be summed up in one work.

I don’t know when I will write it. Right now, I’m getting myself  in order and learning to trust the Lord better. I know, I’ve stepped away before to consider things. What can I say? I struggle like we all do. I also know that we will find what we seek most, and the Lord placed in me a desire for truth. Often, the best way we learn is by making mistakes first. That’s why we need Jesus, among other reasons.

I feel it important to also say that I am just one small person with a minuscule influence, so I hold no crazy ideas about this ministry. You should not either. We are a body in Christ, there are many called to similar things. However, in learning from anyone, show an abundance of caution. I have written some things pertaining to being on guard against false teachers and the like. Browse my articles page if you are interested, particularly this one:

In-fact, by all means judge my work against the bible. Any measure of work done in the name of Jesus should be weighed using the scripture.

I will continue to pop in from time to time to check for comments and to read the WordPress blogs I subscribe to and enjoy. Emails are also still welcome.

God bless you,



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2 comments on “I Have Been Doing it Wrong
  1. You will never regret following the Holy Spirit Who by nature wants to lead you to all truth. He has made all the difference in the world to me. I hold a master’s degree in Divinity, and honestly, realized I knew little at all until I started acknowledging the Holy Spirit’s leading.

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    • Amanda says:

      Thank you, and you are right. Someone else who read this emailed me and basically said the same thing. All things eventually come together for Gods people who worship in spirit and truth. Im considering what my next steps are and praying about it. Might sound crazy, but Im considering the possibility of a spiritual attack on my work. For now, I wait on the Lord and his instruction. God bless you!


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These are the things that ye shall do: Speak ye every man the truth to his neighbour; execute the judgment of truth and peace in your gates: And let none of you imagine evil in your hearts against his neighbour; and love no false oath: for all these are things I hate, saith the Lord.  — Zechariah 8:16-17


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