This Blog Will Never Be Popular

Put together a couple well-written metaphors full of inspirational words then place the name of Jesus on top like a pretty red bow and the audience roars with complacent delight! Never mind the fact that there is no actual substance to what is being written.

Am I the best at writing about the Christian life? Absolutely not. There are some blogs I follow that are written by people with far greater talent and intellect then myself — and some of them actually write true things instead of just paying lip-service to God and tickling the itching ears of the masses.

Challenging Tradition and Encouraging Christian Growth

Instead of telling you that you will always be a sinner, I encourage you to come out of sin by the faith and power of Jesus Christ. How dare I do such a thing? Shame on me, I suppose.

Instead of telling you that God loves everyone and we just have to accept Jesus, I tell you that God is in control of all things–that He created those He loves and those He hates are fitted for destruction. Faith in Jesus is a gift, not a work. What!? What kind of heresy is this nonsense?

Instead of telling you that our acts of worship are beautiful and bring glory to God, I tell you that our so-called “Christian” music and other acts of worship are full of half-truths and lies–and we so often miss the entire point and fail to live our lives in a manner that pleases God because we neglect the poor and look down our noses on “sinners” — yet we justify the sins we choose to justify. Who do I think I am? Get that negative junk out of here!

Instead of telling you that the world hates Christians because light has not fellowship with darkness, I tell you to love your enemy and consider that maybe it’s the overwhelming hate and false doctrines that consume the Western world that is the real trouble–and guess what–we are bringing judgment on ourselves. WE are to blame, not the unbelievers. That’s the most insane thing any Christian could say, isn’t it?

Instead of telling you that we have to believe in Jesus so that we go to heaven when we die and not hell, I tell you that most Christians today have limited understanding regarding salvation. I tell you that we can live triumphantly in the kingdom of God NOW not after we die only. I tell you that our myths about hell are terrible misrepresentations of God. I tell you that your one-time declaration of faith is a slap in the face of Jesus if we do not continue seeking a walk after the kingdom presently. How dare I say things that go against all the ministers we love and worship today?

Dealing With My Own Inner Conflict

On one hand, I think, who the heck am I to feel this way? What right do I have to become upset by all the malarkey out there in the Christian world? Who am I to get offended when I see a bogus three-liner post with a pretty picture and the name of Jesus go viral? At least his name is still being proclaimed, so that’s good. I suppose. I’m feeling very conflicted lately–and lately is an understatement. This has been a problem since KindingTruth began.

One one hand, I am angry at times with the traditional Christian world. But then again, I have more love for people than I ever had, and being someone who has sinned a great deal, I feel like a hypocrite when I say things like written above. There must be some balance here I am missing. I don’t know.

KindlingTruth is not a perfect work by any means. As the Christian road, it is a journey towards growth in the things of God with a heart that desires to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. However, I will not fill you with fancy fluff and garbage wrapped in a Jesus-labeled package. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been the odd one, the nerd, the silent strange kid, and now a Christian who stands against most modern (Western) Christian ideas. I suppose I should be used to being outcast by now 🙂

For Those Who Feel Alone in Today’s Christian World

If you have a hard time following Jesus because you see how corrupt the Christian systems are, if you feel guilty each time you sit in church because you feel that the worship is fake or cult-like, if you know God is real but cannot understand how those who profess His name are so full of hate, hypocrisy, and lies — don’t feel too bad. I was you once too.

One a side-note, over the past year or so I’ve searched for others with a similar mindset, and there are few. Unfortunately, there are also what I call “ministers of righteousness” or “contrarian false ministers” who take advantage of Christian corruption, and though they may state some of the same things I do, I do not stand with them. Just because someone is against tradition doesn’t mean they are right either. What a mess, huh? Actually, believe it or not, what we perceive as chaos is actually God’s wise plan for creation.

Jesus is real and he is alive. Despite all the noise out there, this one thing remains true. This I know with my hole heart.

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5 comments on “This Blog Will Never Be Popular
  1. Though I don’t follow Jesus anymore, when I did I felt like you do. The “narrow path” doesn’t just separate the believers from the unbelieving world. There are many within Christianity who claim to be on the path to glory but live like they are on the road to destruction. Saying one thing and living oppositely is why many view Christians as hypocrites and rightfully so. But it’s okay to stand out and be different for what you believe in. Blending in with the crowd doesn’t create change… Being the outcast does.


  2. True that truth is never popular


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These are the things that ye shall do: Speak ye every man the truth to his neighbour; execute the judgment of truth and peace in your gates: And let none of you imagine evil in your hearts against his neighbour; and love no false oath: for all these are things I hate, saith the Lord.  — Zechariah 8:16-17


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