Site Update: Retractions and Revisions

Just a little note to let Kindling Truth readers know that I will start re-writing some articles. There are things I wrote that I would write differently now, or not at all. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a few weeks but I didn’t feel it was necessary because these articles got little to no traffic. But, that has changed just enough to make me feel obligated to start this process.

Another reason I have put this off is I don’t want to have to keep doing this, so hopefully I will get better after going through this process. I hope I’m learning the difference between what is true, what is influence from others, and what is my own ideas – especially since the website is supposed to be about “truth.” I need to accept responsibility and try to correct the mistakes, so that’s why I don’t just take them down. Also, I hope at the very least, we can learn something from these mistakes. So, if you see an article that says something like, “Title V2” then know it is revision/retraction piece.


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