The Sacrifice of Jesus and the Restoration of Mankind

Part 1 of the series, “Building Upon the Living Rock.”

Jesus and the Beginning

Before Man, there was God. By His word were all things made. We are told that the word was with God, and the word was God.

The living word, the spirit that moved upon the face of the waters during the creation, the breath of life that created Man from the dust of the earth: this is Jesus. This is God -– by whom all things were created according to His perfect will.

From the fall of Man to the redemption of Man. From the creation of the heavens and earth, to the creation of the new heavens and new earth to come – all things are under His absolute control and lordship. From the intricate microscopic to the vastness of the universe, the purposes of good and evil, the laws of physics, nature, ethics, justice – all the ideas by which the entire creation hangs in balance – were created purposefully by a being that is so perfect, so good, so glorious that no manner of words can describe Him, no mind can know Him, and no being can ever rise above Him.

When Man fell, it’s because God ordained it. When Man was redeemed, it was because God purposed it. Nothing is of our misconstrued ideas of “mans will.”

The purpose of the creation, as we know it at least, was for the raising up of the sons of God. Man had to fall. Man had to understand their frailty, their complete and total dependence on the creator – their subjection to Him in all things. We also had to learn of His love, mercy, and power. We had to learn how to walk in knowledge of good and evil, without giving over to the darkness – without trying to make ourselves above God.

All things are set in motion for our good, so that we can serve a purpose not yet known – a purpose we will serve in total subjection to the almighty as unwavering, incorruptible heirs for all eternity.

Jesus who is the first born son of God is the least and greatest of all. He is servant and master. The only one without sin who took on the sins of this world so that we can be healed and restored. He is the beginning and the ending. He is Lord of Lords.

Jesus and Promise of Redemption

Jesus is the first born Son of God, and he is God. He is the living word. The light. The bread and fountain of life. He is the spotless sacrifice sent to fulfill a law that Man could not keep. The law of Moses was created to set apart a people who would serve God. It was also set in place to remind Man of their frailty, their fallibility, and their total dependence on the mercy of God. Jesus is the embodiment of the law fulfilled, as well as mercy, forgiveness, and the power to redeem.

Jesus is the one by whom the creation is restored, bringing every lineage of Adam into redemption and reconciliation with God. Jew, gentile, male, female – just as some of all were saved in the days of Noah, so are some of all saved by Jesus.

How does this redemption take place?

Man is created in the image of God in that we are three distinct parts within a singular being. We are soul, body, and spirit. God is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost – all of whom come together to create and redeem mankind in fullness — completed in the Son, Jesus Christ.

The Son’s flesh for our body. The Son’s death for our spirit. The Son’s resurrection for our souls.

Jesus is God in the flesh. He became a perfect sacrifice so that the Holy Spirit could be made available to all nations, restoring the creation to the Father, who will raise the dead in Christ into life eternal.

This concept can be applied to individuals and Israel, in the present and future, in the spirit and in the physical — God is so wise and perfect in all His ways!

Consider Israel. Jesus, who is the prophet likened to Moses, the son of David, the Messiah – He is purposed to restore Israel – in body, spirit, and soul – the physical Israel, the spiritual Israel, and the eternal Israel.

As far as my understanding goes, Israel has only been restored in spirit. Through the Holy Spirit, Israel is in a constant state of being redeemed as the hearts of all nations of God’s people are restored to Him. He is patient and His timing is perfect. Once all nations of Adam (the fullness of the gentiles) is brought in, we see Israel come physically in the returning of Jesus and the first resurrection of life. Jesus Christ will rule the earth for 1,000 years, then Satan is loosed and there is rebellion. The rebellion is quenched and the second resurrection of the dead takes place, at which time the wicked are judged along with the devil, false prophet, and all who followed his deceptions. At this time, death and hell are cast into the lake of fire, and the eternal Israel is established.

When it comes to each individual, our three parts must be sanctified also – our temples restored, so to speak. Body (water baptism) Spirit (Holy Spirit baptism) Soul (Resurrection from death). All of this completely dependent on the first born Son of God – Jesus Christ.

Jesus and the Law

There is no law and no might that man can muster up to become restored to God. It is by the blood of Jesus that we are healed, and His blood alone can accomplish this. “Not by power or might, but by Spirit, says the Lord.”

Legalistic approaches to obeying God will get us no where. Just as the law of Moses could not keep God’s people pure, neither can our legalistic obedience towards Christ. When we approach knowing God with law, we are looking at things from an earthly perspective, one that is in the frame of man’s power and understanding. We must look beyond the worldly perspective and see into the spirit of the matter – a realm of pure understanding of God’s will, without the corrupted views, loopholes, and hypocrisies of man.

Jesus took the laws written on stone, fulfilled them as the only being in the flesh without sin, and sacrificed himself so the new law – a perfect law untainted by corruptible man – could be given to all nations and written within our hearts so we can know the law – not just in the letter, but in the spirit by power of The Spirit. Not every matter in every life can be contained in a book. But with the Holy Spirit, we have a means by which we can seek the truth in every situation and react in a way that pleases God – but again, only according to His power in us, not by our own efforts.

Jesus and the Kingdom of God

Our growing up into joint heirs with Christ is the work of Jesus in us. His blood cleanses us of our transgressions. His Holy Spirit brings our spirit into communion with Christ, with God, and with all believers.

God is real and alive. His kingdom is real and alive. God is all things – He is the kingdom! His Spirit reigns in the hearts of His children, casting out the strongholds of sin, so that we are no longer slaves to the devil, but freed bond servants of the living God, living within the kingdom of spiritual Israel as the true body and bride of Christ.

We need Jesus to free us from the bonds of this world. We cannot be servants of sin and servants of the kingdom of God. Through Christ we are heirs of a glorious promise. We are promised to see the kingdom come with power, even now – perpetually through all generations. We are promised resurrection from death (both from the death of sin in this life, and the second death that a life of continued sin leads to). When His Kingdom comes through the Holy Spirit, we are given a seed of the divine nature. It is God in us, “making His abode” within our new temples. He will cleanse us, every inch until we are made wholly redeemed to our God.

The whole earth awaits the formation of the saints who are the sons of God. Once this is accomplished and the fullness of the creation brought into redemption, the physical kingdom of Israel will come to this earth bringing peace, understanding, and the ability to walk in the light of the Lord himself!

Jesus is the narrow way of truth and life.

As the time of the Kingdom on earth grows near and more Jews and gentiles of all nations come to the truth of the knowledge of Jesus Christ, a false light will come, and again we will find ourselves in the garden of Eden. But this time, the dragon, that old serpent, the devil, Satan – will come with a power and deception like we have never seen. Many will fall for his tricks, including Christians, Jews, and peoples of all nations.

Those who stand on the unyielding rock of Jesus Christ alone will know what is happening and will not bow down to the image Baal, joined with the Great Whore of Mystery Babylon in worship of the Beast. Many Christians will be killed, but through Jesus we have the promise of the resurrection, and when that final trumpet sounds we will rise with and serve the Lord during His millennial – and eventual eternal reign! We will see everything come together and the whole purpose of the creation of God revealed!

If we are going to enter into the kingdom of God, both in this life and in the next, we have to lay aside everything we think we know and approach Him with faith and humility of a child. In preparation for the time of great deception, many who think they know Jesus have fallen away from His truths as it pertains to salvation. When the false ideas many hold come crashing down and their weak foundations of man-made traditions and corruptions of the gospel crumbling from under them, what will they have to hold onto?

God has retained a people through all generations. Whether we are in the final generation or not, we only have this life. When the resurrection of the dead is upon us, we don’t want to be among those to whom Jesus says, “Depart from me you who work iniquity. I never knew you.” We are still here. We can still turn our lives over to the Lord in search for His given truth – if it is His will.

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