Predestination vs Free Will

I had a conversation with someone about the idea of predestination. The question this person had was, “how can God create people just to destroy them?”

I’ve been thinking about writing something up on predestination for a while, but I never get around to doing it. I don’t really have much desire to, as far as an extensive study goes at least.

This is an important topic for many reasons. It gives us as Christians the proper perspective we need for dealing with a lot of problems we face, and it has a large effect on how we deal with others. I might add a new scripture page on predestination/sovereignty of God, but I realize that for me to write up a study on this would not be a good use of my time. There is already a study out there that explains this idea very clearly.

So, instead I think it makes more sense to link to that study here. If you’ve ever grappled with questions about things like why some have faith and others don’t, how do we have free will and yet say that God is in control, or why God would create people just to destroy them because they don’t “accept” Him, then this study might be very useful to you.

There is such peace in this understanding, and there are things related to the sovereignty of God that I want to write on at some point, as far as life application goes, so this page will serve as a foundation for a series of articles on this topic as well as a link to the study.

Here is the link. There is a lot of material here, but it’s so worth the time.

Election and Predestination by Paul Stringini

Update (7/16/17) Scriptures page added: Scripture: Predestination and the Sovereignty of God

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  1. […] I believe that God is in total control. I believe that all things and individuals were created to serve His purposes – some to serve Him for all eternity, some to live out their lives as instruments for sharpening His children, then destroyed in the second death. For more on this, read: Predestination vs Free Will. […]


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