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The Christian walk means we seek the Lord, Jesus with all our mind, heart, and soul. But, this looks a little different for each person, depending on where they are in their walk with Him.

One thing we do know, is that wherever you are in your Journey, Jesus rewards those who diligently seek Him. To help illustrate what this means, I’m going to take you through the phases of the Christian walk, at least as far as my understanding goes.

“I am Alpha and Omega. The Beginning and the End.”

As with all things, the beginning of our walk starts with God. He is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. He gifts us with faith, so we can seek the Son, Jesus.

Once we learn of the gospel and start seeking the Lord, this can be a very emotional time. On one hand there’s excitement and hope in Christ. Knowing that He can deliver us from the heavy chains we carry is a relief, and the promise of living eternally with a God who loved us enough to die for us can give us a great appreciation and desire to know Him. On the other hand, the calling to righteousness (Love and Obedience) can be overwhelming at first, even seeming impossible.

The best advice I can offer to those who want to know Jesus, are early in their walk with Him, or have come to realize that they need more from Him, is to keep going. There are times when you might feel your faith is barely hanging on, but take comfort in knowing that these hard times is what makes faith stronger. Each time you get to the brink of turning away but keep going instead, your faith is made stronger. Jesus will keep His promises to you.

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

One of those promises being the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This is an important thing to seek, but knowing that He is in control, and He will give His spirit to you when it’s time for you to receive it. You might find yourself praying and crying for it hundreds of times before He gives it to you, or you might get it right away. It all depends on the wisdom of God. He knows what you need and when – so that it is most beneficial for you and His body as a whole. If you find yourself down and needing encouragement in this, the following scriptures might help (I recommend reading in context):

Hebrews 11:6

Luke 11

Luke 18

Galatians 3:22

Click here for more scripture on Jesus’s promise to heal us from sin.

After the Lord gives you His Holy Spirit, this too can be a very emotionally complex time. The Holy Spirit works differently in everyone, but there are some general things that are true for all, as far as I know. One thing, is you might find a stronger desire for living a truthful life and for seeking Him in truth also. But, don’t become too discouraged if you still struggle with sin. The Holy Spirit baptism gives you a seed of Christ that will grow over time, so as always, it’s important to seek Him in all things.

When much is given to us, much is required of us. When the Lord gives you His Holy Spirit, it’s important to understand just how precious that gift is and at what cost it came. Though this is the beginning of our inheritance as children of God, this does not mean we cannot fall. In fact, the more we are given, the harder we fall when we go our own way – and the harder Satan tries to pull us off that straight and narrow path. So, a word of caution – which is the whole purpose of this post, and a key feature of Kindling Truth – keep your eyes on the Lord!

If given gifts of the Spirit, seeking the Lord diligently to make sure you use them as He wills is important, or else you might find yourself going astray, leading to confusion and other dangers. I’ve seen those with the Spirit fall into terrible afflictions, all the while thinking they are in God’s perfect will. This happens easily, so we must never become complacent, but at the same time not lose hope either. There is much goodness that comes from the Holy Spirit, but the process of growing up into Christ means that our earthly selves must die away – and that isn’t easy. I do believe that if we seek Him as we should, then the path will be less rough than for those who have to learn the hard way – as I did – how easy it is to go our own way, and what that can do to us. But, don’t be discouraged. A healthy fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, but to give into despair and fear of falling away will do you no good. Have faith that if He gave you His Spirit, you are His – but don’t be proud, because there are those who fall, and it’s often because of pride.

How Do We Seek Jesus?

How do we continue seeking the Lord? Simply put, you pray often and ask Him what this path looks like for you. He will show you. You might pray that you be filled with more of Him. You might pray that He remove any part of you that stands in His way. You might pray for specific gifts of the Spirit to help you along the way. We all have our own walk, but if we seek Him, He will direct our path. As we continue, He will pour more of His spirit on us, purging us from all sin so we can know Him in spirit and truth — so we can walk in Love and Obedience. Once we are at a point of being without sin, does that mean we are perfected? No. It means there is more given to us, so there is even more required. It means that now more than ever, we must seek the Lord with all our might, because if we were to fall, it would be even more devastating.

Here are some scriptures you can read about the importance of seeking Him diligently (read in context):

Luke 8:18

Luke 11

Luke 21:8

1 Corinthians 3:10-12

Matthew 6:22-23

Walking with the Lord means you give all you have to Him. He will show you what that means for you. As far as sin goes, the Lord can purge you from all sin and fill you to the brim with His Holy Spirit, but that does not mean you will never go back to sin. If we don’t seek Him daily, sin will creep up on us. How do we fight this? Ask the Lord. He will show you. All I can tell you is what I know. What He’s shown me is that through the Holy Spirit, we have the power to resist Satan, and he WILL run from you when you cast him away in Jesus name. But remember, this is a war. If you start shooting at devils in Jesus’ name, know they might just shoot back, or even come back stronger. Don’t be surprised if you get knocked down a few times. Look up Acts 19. The solution? Keep going. A few battle scars is good and shows them you mean business. Most importantly, trust in the Lord. Call on Him before the battle gets too tough. He will deliver you.

He’s also shown me how to keep my vessel full through prayer, even several times a day asking the Lord to reveal and purge any sin that might have crept in throughout the day. This is what it means to eat his bread of life and drink his blood. Along with that, there’s pure obedience — really giving all to Him. Once you declare yourself His bond servant, He expects more of you, and if you don’t obey, you’ll start feeling drained of Him fast.

Walking with the Lord is a daily pursuit, one that we must always keep. He’s also shown me that we can always have more of Him, so it’s a good idea to pray for that too. In fact, as we get closer to Him and start doing more battle with the enemy, we find that we need Him in increasing amounts all the time. Remember though, sufficient today is the evil to worry about. Get what you need for today, ask Him what He wants you to do with it, and most importantly — obey.

Got the idea? We must diligently seek Jesus in all things, always, or else we will fall for Satan. This is a constant pursuit, one that will come more naturally as we go along. Those who don’t inevitably go their own way, and they are destroyed before they even know it. Even those who are sanctified can fall, and great is the darkness that fills them when they do!

I know this might seem overwhelming, even frightening, but know this: The Lord loves you, and if you are careful to follow Him, He will not let you stray too far for too long – and even a little wondering in the wrong direction can work out for your good. All things do work for the good for those who seek the Lord with their whole hearts. Fear of the Lord is good too, because it keeps you on His path. After all, He is God. Who else should we fear or follow?

Jesus is  Freedom!

When the Lord frees us from sin, we are no longer slaves. We then want to follow Him because we have seen Him, and we’ve also seen Satan. We become his bond servants. That means we give all to Him, trust in Him, and He will direct us. He will teach us how to rejoice in affliction, how to call on Him in times of trouble, and how to praise Him in all things – and there will be affliction. But, this too is for our good, and the more we suffer for the name of Jesus, the greater our reward. Rejoicing and praising the Lord in hard times is what will keep us going, because the world is going to turn on us more and more – maybe even those we love most.

Again, I want to stress the critical importance of keeping your eyes on the Lord. That means looking to Him for all things, learning to hear His voice, and obeying Him. That cannot be stated enough, and if you read much on Kindling Truth, you’ll see how important I hold that truth. Deceptions run rampant, and if we go our own way, we will fall – no matter how full of Jesus we think we are. Trust no man, especially those who seem to be full of God. Those who have had the Spirit and fall can be the most dangerous of all.

To wrap up, consider the Lord’s prayer with all this in mind:

The Lord’s Prayer

Our Father who is in Heaven.

Hallowed be your name.

Your kingdom come.

Your will be done on Earth as in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread,

and forgive our debts and we forgive our debtors.

Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

For yours is the kingdom, power, and glory forever.


Now, how that applies to what all this is about:

Lord Jesus, you are holy and true. Let your kingdom come to my very heart, so I can walk with you in this present world and in the kingdom to come. Give me today what I need of you, so I can walk in obedience to you;  fill me with your Holy Spirit and anything I need to resist Satan. Forgive me as I go astray, because I know your patience and love, and I will do the same for others. Lord, don’t let me stray off your path; keep me in your will always. I will follow you because you are God, and all things are created by you and for you, including me.  Let all I do bring you alone praise and glory. Amen.

May the grace of the Lord keep you in all things. If you become discouraged in this walk, feel free to email me. See contact page for information. I will help in any way I can, but know that everything you need is already there for you. Ask Jesus, and He will deliver you and show you all things in His perfect way.

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